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Welcome to my website! I am Rumana or Sonata, as some of you like to call me! I am a college student and a “garbage” junkie! Read on to know more!

I have been collecting things since I was 5 or 6 years old. My first hobby was phone card collecting. I was living in Dubai, UAE and many a times, I’d see used phone cards lying on the ground, some of them were so pretty that I couldn’t resist picking them up and taking them home. A couple of months later, I had even got a dangerous virus for which my family blamed my “garbage” collecting hobby. But little did they know that a couple of years later, I’d start collecting what everyone throws away at restaurants after sweetening their beverages, sugar packets! But between my phone card collecting and sugar packet collecting, I have collected a lot of other things too!

I have collections of: postcards, coins, banknotes, stamps, sugar packets, phone cards, bouncy balls, pencils, stickers, anything Spongebob Squarepants, air mail labels, trading cards, Olympic pins, Shah Rukh Khan movies, crown caps, flags, erasers, silicon bracelets, bookmarks, teabags, creamer lids, awards, receipts from different cities, perfumes, and fridge magnets!

Now I have so many collections that I have no space left to keep my collections but the desires to make my collections bigger just doesn’t go away!

In this website, I will share a few tidbits about some of my major hobbies that are nice and big and can be made bigger by the help of everyone around the world!

I would love to know who has visited my website so please give a few minutes to leave a message in the guestbook.


PS: Most pages are still to be edited.