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On this page, I give credits to those who helped me build my collection and also put links to others' websites if you are interested in knowing more about a certain hobby.

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Sugar Packets (Nederland) (Poland) (Portugal) (USA) (USA) (Portugal) (Portugal) (Argentina) (Italy)


Collecting Groups (phone cards) (postcards) (McDonald's Sugar Packets)

To all the sponsors of Olympic games, FIFA World Cup; tourist boards of all the states and countries; companies and so many other people, A BIG THANKS TO YOU! If it weren't for you then my collections would have been very small.
Thanks to (individuals):
My family (sugar packets, stamps, banknotes, coins, postcards and lots more!)
My cousin, Bangladesh (banknotes)
Robert Gorniak, Poland (sugar packets)
Chad Gierlich, USA (sugar packets)
Corky Heeb (sugar packets)
M. Islam, Bangladesh (banknotes)
M. Meillleur, Kuwait (coins, postcard, stamps)
Bentzi Kesher, Israel (postcard, phonecards)
Makis Siriatos, Greece (phonecards, banknote, coins)
Mark Chandler, USA (pins)
Bill & Marion Howard, UK (sugar packets, postcards)
Alberto Gaimari, Italy (sugar packets)
Liesbeth Vergouwe, Netherlands (sugar packets)
Buddy Hincke, USA (banknotes, phonecards)
Villy Sorensen, Denmark (postcards, coins)
Tom Priestly, Canada (sugar packets)
Paul, Russia (sugar packets, banknote, postcards)
Tracy Barber, USA (stamps)
Paul Kelmer, USA (pins)
And soooooooooooo many others who have traded with me or just sent me things for my collection free.
I love you all very much and am thankful to you for all my life!

If you have a URL and you want me to add it in here, let me know what you collect and your address and country and I'll add it in. Or if a url is broken.