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Side Collections

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Phonecards (used)
My first ever hobby! I have been collecting phonecards for 10+ years now. But I don't focus on it nowadays since this is an age of cell phones so less people are using phonecards. :(
I have more than 350 stamps in my collection. This collection doesn't need to be payed attention because most of the stamps come from my tradings because I request people to use as much low value stamps as possible.
Crown Caps
This is another collection which can fall under the "no-need-to-pay-attention" kind of collections. I do not have very many. One reason is, in USA, there are rarely any crown caps for soda, mainly for beer and few ciders and since I do not drink beer or ciders, my collection cannot increase.
Air Mail Labels
If you are wondering what air mail labels are, then let me tell you.
Air mail labels are the small stickers (sometimes, stamped or written on envelope) that says "Par Avion", "By Air Mail"...
I collect the ones that are stickers, not the stamped or printed on envelope ones. I have about 50-60 from 25-30 countries.
It's just like the stamps, increases from trading.
I also collect flags from around the world. I only have USA, Mexico, Finland and Turkey. I collect real flags not postcards or pins even though they are a part of my preferances for those collections.
I also collect erasers, pencils, silicone bracelets, bookmarks, creamer lids, tea bags, bouncy balls, and stickers. But I do not trade for these items.